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My name is Jennifer Roberts and I’m from beautiful Denver, CO.  My interests include:  reading (mostly romance fiction), writing ( mostly non-fiction), and listening to music (mostly 80’s and 90’s alt rock).

I have 3 younger sisters and and older brother.  Of my four siblings, 2 have gotten into law school.  My brother graduated several years ago and my oldest sister is in her second year.  It’s the experiences of going through the law school search and application process that led me to start this blog.  In it, I intend to offer tips and tricks for not only getting into law school, but ultimately surviving!

I don’t do this for a living, I just like to be able to help others avoid some of the headaches that my brother and sister went through.  And before you ask, no I did not go to law school myself.  For whatever reason, it didn’t sound like a fun time to me.




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